Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Centurion & Midrand Camera Club joint print exhibition 2014

You are hereby kindly invited to submit entries for the annual print exhibition for 2014 to be hosted from 1 to 11 July (Yes, it is a winter exhibit this year). True to our tradition, we attempt to introduce new and exciting elements to this annual event:

  • This year our venue is the spacious and newly revamped art gallery in Centurion (at the Centurion Library). It is open to the public and the event is widely publicised by the Tshwane municipal services.
  • We are hosting this exhibition jointly with Midrand Camera Club. The event promises to be quite a substantial exhibition and is an ideal opportunity to showcase some of your best shots. There are also three valuable prizes to compete for.
  • We have decided to print this year’s entries on specially primed canvas to blend in with the environment of the art gallery!

To simplify the entry process, we invite members to make use of the Centurion Camera Club’s fine art printing service.

  • All you need to do is to upload your entries to a dropbox folder and make the required payment to the Centurion Camera Club account.
  • You then just need to attend the exhibition to find your photos exhibited, neatly mounted and stretched to a wooden frame.
  • The cost of a printed photo is only R150 each and is about half of the normal commercial rates for mounted canvas media. Remember the prints are yours to keep after the exhibit.
  • Please note that you may use alternative printing services, as long as conforms to our exact format ( Click here for entry form with further details).
  • You will be limited to a maximum of four entries but we will be more than happy to accept even a single entry.

Our rules as per the entry form:

  1. Minimum resolution is 5 Megapixel, lower resolution submissions will be rejected.
  2. Format preferably TIFF, but JPG saved at highest possible quality is also acceptable. Printing requires the highest available resolution!
  3. File naming as for club entries, eg: "3_Karoo Landscape_John Smith.TIF"
  4. Photo's taken from 1 July 2013 may be entered ( does not have to be a previous club entry )
  5. Please note that canvasses are framed to exact A3 dimensions ( 297 X 420mm ). Your print will look best if sized to these dimensions exactly, but may be of different aspect ratio as long as the longest side is exactly 420mm. In such cases remember you will have white space on the canvas to make up the difference.
  6. We strongly advise that you profile your monitor as without it there is otherwise no guarantee that the photo will print as displayed by the monitor. This procedure ensures that your monitor displays both accurate colour rendition and tonal range and will also ensure that your images projects correctly at club evenings.
  7. The ICC profile of the printing process for the specific canvas-ink combination will be made available to photographers so that soft proofing can be implemented. Soft proofing allows near exact reproduction of the tonal range and colour rendition of the final printed image on a properly calibrated monitor. A tutorial will be issued to guide members who wish to implement soft proofing. of the final printed image on a properly calibrated monitor.
  8. Photos remain the property of the photographer and can be collected after the exhibition at club evenings.

Our aim is to exhibit around three entries per photographer as the venue is spacious and we really want to fill the space with an abundance of exhibits.

The opening gala event will be hosted on Tuesday 1 July. Light snacks and wine/ soft drinks will be served and will be a great opportunity to relax and to meet with fellow photographers. The prints will be on sale to the public and photographers will have the opportunity to appreciate the value of their work.

IMPORTANT: The deadline is Sunday 15 June at 24h00, so you need to start to select your best images of the last 12 months (May 2013 – May 2014) and watch this space for further details. Please direct any queries to: arnold.theron@gmail.com

Arnold Theron ( Exhibition coordinator )